Committee on General Scholarships Harvard University

Ancestry-based scholarships for undergraduate students at Harvard College

John Austin AMORY Class of 1907 Scholarship Fund
Restricted to descendants of John Austin Amory.

John W. Appel Loan Fund
Restricted to descendants of John W. Appel.

Bright Legacy
Restricted to descendants of Henry Bright, Jr. and Anne Goldstone of Watertown, Massachusetts, who bear the surname Bright.

Charles Downer Scholarship Fund
Restrictions, in order of preference:
1. Students who bear the surname Downer and who are descendants of Joseph or Robert Downer of Wiltshire, England;
2. Other students bearing the surname Downer;
3. Descendants of members of the Harvard Class of 1889.

Albert J. Lynch Scholarship
Restricted to descendants of Governor Thomas Dudley

Calvin and Lucy Ellis Aid
Restricted to descendants of David Ellis and Beulah Newell of Dedham, Massachusetts, or John Ellis and Hannah Ellis of Walpole, Massachusetts.

Baxendale Scholarship
Restrictions, in order of preference:
1. Descendants of Alan Bedford Hudson;
2. Students with the name Baxendale or Hudson.

William Pennoyer Bequest
Restricted to descendants of Robert Pennoyer and residents of New Haven, Connecticut.

Ernest Frederick Slater Scholarship
Restricted to descendants by birth or adoption of Edward F. Slater.

1902 World War Memorial Scholarship
Restricted to descendants of members of the Class of 1902.

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