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The Harvard College Financial Aid Office distributes most of the financial aid available to students at Harvard College. All awards based on financial aid eligibility are made by the Harvard College Financial Aid Office. If you are interested in learning more about financial aid for Harvard College students, or applying for financial aid, you should contact the Harvard College Financial Aid Office.

The Committee on General Scholarships administers a small number of ancestry-based funds for which Harvard College students may apply, including:

Descendants of May be eligible for
John Austin Amory, Class of 1907 John Austin Amory, Class of 1907 Scholarship
John W. Appel John W. Appel Scholarship
Henry Bright Jr. and Anne Goldstone of Watertown, MA Bright Legacy
Charles Downer, Class of 1889 Charles Downer Scholarship
Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts Albert J. Lynch Scholarship
David Ellis and Beulah Newell of Dedham, MA or John Ellis and Hannah Ellis of Walpole, MA Calvin and Lucy Ellis Aid
Alan Bedford Hudson Baxendale Scholarship
Robert Pennoyer of the New Haven Colony, brother of William Pennoyer Pennoyer Scholarship
Edward Frederick Slater, descendants by birth or adoption Ernest Fredrick Slater Scholarship
Members of the Class of 1889 Charles Downer Scholarship
Members of the class of 1902 1902 World War Memorial Scholarships (in memory of Andre Cheronnet-Champollion, Edward Ball Cole, and Elbert Walker Shirk)

Incoming or current Harvard College students who are eligible for these scholarships may apply by submitting a letter requesting consideration for the scholarship, including their Harvard College class, a summary of the genealogy that qualifies the applicant, and address, telephone, and email contact information. The letter must be accompanied by a certified genealogy report demonstrating eligibility.

Applicants for the following scholarships must ALSO submit an application for financial aid to the Harvard College Financial Aid Office in order to be considered for these scholarships:

Requests for consideration must be submitted by March 1 in order to guarantee consideration for expenses beginning the following September. This deadline includes applications from potential Freshman. The letter should be addressed to:

Committee on General Scholarships
Ancestry-Based Scholarships Program
14 Story Street, 3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

Please contact the Committee on General Scholarships for additional information.

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